Local bars looking at security after Orlando attacks

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CLEVELAND – It’s hard for those working at the Leather Stallion Saloon in Cleveland to think about the mass shooting in Orlando over the weekend without getting emotional.

“It’s so senseless,” said Michael Dominguez, general manager of the LSS. “I really was in shock when I saw it. It could happen anywhere.”  Dominguez said they are now looking at adding additional security cameras and hiring more people to work at the door to make sure patrons are safe.

“We are one of the oldest gay bars in the city, we have been here since the 1970s and we want to give people a safe place where they can come and relax and forget about their problems of the day,” Dominguez said.

Bounce Nightclub issued a statement saying they offer their deepest condolences to the victims, friends, and families of the tragedy in Orlando.

“We hope that they receive the full support and healing needed throughout this very difficult and painful process,” the Bounce statement said. “Let us remember that in the face of hate and violence, we must come together as a community and love louder than the actions brought against us.”

And those are words officials at the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland agree with.
“We are stronger when we are out supporting each other openly,” Zymier said.
Some in the community like Henry Senyak said they believe Cleveland City leaders should require security at all bars.

“Because what happened in Orlando could happen here in Cleveland,” Senyak said.
A manager at Twist, a bar on Clifton Blvd, said they already hire off duty Cleveland police officers for security, and may consider adding more during the RNC.

“We should all be able to live and enjoy our lives,” Dominguez said.

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