City of Cleveland to make money off all the RNC rentals thanks to new law

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CLEVELAND - Don Hallum is living every landlord’s dream; he just rented his Ohio City home for the week of the RNC for $13,500!!

“It’s not raking anyone over the coals,” said Hallum, who said Republican delegates were willing to pay the higher rates.

What’s good for Hallum will be good for the city of Cleveland once a new law is signed by Mayor Frank Jackson.

Monday night city council approved legislation regulating the rental of all or part of a home. It included a 3% hotel tax for anyone renting rooms less than thirty days at a time.

“I don’t mind,” said Hallum, who has nothing to lose under any circumstance.

The popular online company that typically supplies him with renters will add the tax to the final charge, so it won’t come out of his pocket.

As for his RNC rental, Don said that deal was made months ago with the help of Rocky River REMax agent Katy Brahler and the new law isn’t retroactive.  Hallum said even if it was, he would gladly pay the $375 tax because he believes in sharing the wealth if it will help support Cleveland’s growth.

Brahler, who’s representing roughly 150 RNC rentals, of which about 30 are in Cleveland, was more protective of her clients' incomes.

“I think it’s a little bit of nickel and diming my clients,” she said. “Many of them are spending extra money just to make it that extra special, so that extra fee, I don’t like, I don’t think it’s fair.”

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