Quick-thinking children get man arrested on sex charge

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CLEVELAND-- Two sisters, 9 and 15 years old, got a man arrested on a sex charge after they turned into citizen crime-fighters.

They shared their story with the I TEAM since we hear of so many stories like theirs which never end up in an arrest.

The girls say they were walking down Avalon Tuesday afternoon on Cleveland’s northeast side, and they say a strange man pulled up and offered each of them $200 for sex. The girls knew not to approach the car, and they were scared, but then the teen took action. She pulled out her phone, and she took notes on the license plate and the man’s description. Then she called her dad, and he called police.

Police were still interviewing the girls when an officer spotted the car less than a mile away on Euclid. Police arrested Jamaal Kince. He’s been charged with Importuning.

In court Friday, he demanded a hearing on the evidence. That is set for later this month.

Think of how many times we’ve reported stories of strangers in cars approaching kids, even trying to grab them. Often, no arrest and no subject. But not this time.

The teen said, “All I could think about was calling my dad and telling him and getting a description and writing the license plate down.” And the nine-year-old said, “He was doing the wrong thing. He’s not supposed to do that to little children.”