Two Cleveland police officers, four others hurt after being struck by stolen car

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CLEVELAND - Two Cleveland police officers were injured Friday morning after being hit by a suspect driving a stolen vehicle.  It happened at the corner of Wade Park and East 108th.

A total of six people were taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Officers tell us two police officers were pulled over to the side working a very minor accident with a VA bus, when two suspects in a stolen vehicle came down the road and hit the police car.

The two police officers, two suspects and two innocent bystanders were injured.

City Councilman Kevin Conwell was at the scene and told FOX 8,  "I was just passing but when I saw the commotion and two people were on the ground in handcuffs," Conwell said. "I wanted to make sure I reached out to my residents here."

Conwell and the surrounding neighbors say accidents happen at this intersection all the time and it's starting to become a major problem.

Police are not releasing information about the suspects identities but they believe they are under the age of 18.
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