‘Think of us like her uncles’: ‘The Punishers’ motorcycle club escorts bullied girl to school

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TOLEDO, Ohio -- A motorcycle club in Ohio is sending a message to school bullies.

Audrianna Reynolds, 7, has reportedly been bullied for more than a year at her school in Toledo.

But the girl made friends with "The Punishers," a local law enforcement motorcycle club. WTVG reports the club surprised Audrianna this week by giving her a ride to school on their bikes.

They said the goal was to give her a confidence boost.

"We got her a vest and told her to think of us like her uncles, and she is part of our family now and if she needs anything let us know," said Daniel Bushey, president of The Punishers.

The Punishers said they formed a special bond with Audrianna partly because of her love for dirt bikes. The club also includes military members and first responders.