Kay Jewelers accused of swapping out diamonds with knock-offs

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Several customers of Kay Jewelers are accusing various stores of swapping out valuable stones with knock-offs.

According to a BuzzFeed report, one customer is Chrissy Clarius. She said she routinely took her $4,300 engagement ring to Kay Jewelers every six months to get it inspected as part of a guarantee policy.

But after taking it in this past February, the store couldn’t find her diamond’s certification number. She had the stone tested, and learned it was moissanite and not a diamond.

“I feel heartbroken and disgusted. I feel like it is my word against a big jewelry store and I’m being made to look like a liar,” she told Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed says they found several other customers with similar claims.

For example, Hannah LaFlam, of Vermont, claims she took her $4,500 ring to Kay’s for the same inspections. Recently, when she picked her ring up from a sizing, she realized something was off.

After being told by Kay’s that it was her diamond, another store confirmed that it did not match the proper diamond certification number.  She said the original Kay’s store then admitted the mistake and located her diamond in New Hampshire.

A Facebook page — Boycott Kay Jewelers —  has been created where customers make several complaints, including that their rings or stones were swapped out.

In a statement to CBS News, Kay Jewelers says:

The chain has “rigorous processes in place to help ensure this won’t happen. When a guest brings their jewelry in for repair or service, it is diamond tested before it is sent out and when it is returned…With that being said, we are actively reviewing this issue, as we do all customer concerns brought to our attention, as part of our commitment to customer care and continuous improvement.”