I-Team: Ohio State Highway Patrol writing more tickets in Cleveland

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CLEVELAND - The Fox 8 I-Team has found the Ohio Highway Patrol is writing more and more traffic tickets in Cleveland even as city police are writing less.

You usually see state troopers patrolling the highways especially in suburban and rural areas. But Cleveland Municipal Court records show they are ticketing a growing number of drivers on the streets of Cleveland.

The I-Team checked the first four months of the year for each year back to 2014. During the first months of the year in 2014, state troopers wrote more than 4,400 tickets in Cleveland. Same time last year, 5,000. Same time this year, almost 6,000.

Meantime, we’ve recently shown you, tickets written by Cleveland Police in the same time frame down by about a third.

The Cleveland Police Union blames short staffing for the drop.

How do you explain the rise in tickets from state troopers? The patrol says it simply has targeted areas where aggressive driving has led to crashes with serious injuries and deaths. In Cuyahoga County, the majority of the worst crashes are happening in Cleveland.

The patrol says traffic deaths in Cuyahoga County this year are down by nine.