Wayne County Sheriff warns burglary suspects about homeowners who may use deadly force

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CHIPPEWA TOWNSHIP,  Ohio - Jim Gamble says he left his home riding an orange motorcycle about 1:44 p.m. Wednesday.

A surveillance camera in a bedroom shows a tall, slender man wearing a bandana and a hoodie entering the bedroom only minutes later.

The man returns to the bedroom with a hockey stick to knock over the camera. Gamble says he believes the thief was watching him.

"Anybody that wasn't watching me would think I was home because I never ride the orange bike and they had to come right after I left because at 2:07 p.m. on the camera they were going through one of the rooms," said Gamble.

The thief and an accomplice appear to have spent the next 20-30 minutes going through the home gathering 8 guns and cash.

Shortly after, Gamble's daughter got home from school and saw two men pulling out of their garage on Gamble's camouflaged Yamaha ATV.

"My daughter seen two guys pull out from the garage, through my yard and thought it was her big brother so she was going to pull down the road," said Gamble.

"When she pulled up and got close she realized it wasn't them. So when she noticed it wasn't them, she kind of followed them a little and she got a little scared and backed off which is what she should have done," he added.

One of gamble's guns was found in the tracks of the ATV where they rode through a corn field making their escape. Another was found nearby under some trees.

Although the thieves got away with some of Gamble's guns they left enough of them behind for him to defend himself if they choose to return and try it again.

The break-in prompted a message from the Wayne County Sheriff's Office on Facebook warning thieves that they should very seriously consider what they are doing because there are cases in which their victims are legally allowed to use deadly force to defend themselves and their property.

Gamble says the thieves targeted every one of the surveillance cameras he had installed in the house, but he didn't even realize the one in the bedroom was still working until his son sent him the video.

"I look and, you know, at first I looked at it as just a robbery and then I seen it was my house and I seen it was from my son and he was the one that actually hooked up that camera a year ago," said Gamble.

He is hoping the image from the camera will help identify the thieves and is offering a $10,000 reward for their capture.