Dog and cat numbers reach critical level at Cleveland APL

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Sassy. Courtesy Cleveland APL.

CLEVELAND – There are currently no open kennels at the Cleveland APL.

Last week, investigators rescued 33 cats and 23 dogs. Combined with the animals currently in their care, those rescues filled up all the open spots.

Since the APL will not euthanize healthy, adoptable animals, they cannot take in any more animals until some of the current ones are adopted.

Now, the Cleveland APL is asking for the community to step up and find homes for these animals.

Thursday through Saturday, all dogs over 1 year will be adoptable for $40 and all cats over 1 year will be adoptable for only $5 with a second cat for $20. Normally, dog fees are $95 and cats are $45.

All animals up for adoption have been spayed or neutered, tested for heartworms and fleas and have received vaccinations. Dogs go home with a leash and cats go home with a travel box.

Head over to to see some of the animals available for adoption.