Video shows RTA bus driver ambushed after asking man what bus he wanted

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CLEVELAND-- The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained video of another RTA bus driver getting attacked. This time, ambushed as he simply walked to his bus.

A Cuyahoga County grand jury has just indicted Cleveland Scott for felonious assault and kidnapping.

Just months ago, the I TEAM showed you video of another RTA driver attacked by a man with a knife. That driver struggled with the man for several minutes until police got there.

This case happened last week at the Stephanie Tubbs Jones bus transfer station. Investigators say driver Raymond Swerton simply walked back toward his bus after a break. A man came up behind him. The driver asked what bus the man was looking for, and the video shows the man unleash vicious punches and kicks. The attack went on for more than thirty seconds.

RTA says its police chief and a commander later arrested Cleveland Scott.

Records show Scott has faced indictments dating back to the mid-90s. And court records show he had been supervised by mental health doctors for several years after being found not guilty by reason of insanity in another felony assault case.

He is set to go to court this week on the new charges.

Driver Raymond Swerton is recovering from his injuries, and he’s anxious to get back behind the wheel. He says he loves the regular riders he deals with on the route he drives.

In the other attack, records show Jared Henderson has plead guilty. He will get sentenced next month.