Download: Teacher sends message to parents who ‘spoil’ their kids

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Most people agree that the way many parents are raising their kids these days is different from the ways of the past.

One long-time teacher says that’s not always a good thing.

Newser reports that Jonas Harrysson, of Sweden, sent the message in a viral Facebook post; the post is written in Swedish but has been translated.

He said that today’s parents are spoiling and servicing their children, and it’s gotten so bad that kids no longer know how to be bored.

He argues that children don’t need to be constantly entertained.

Harrysson also says he’s noticed that parents are so proud when their kids can read and count before preschool, but in reality, they should be focusing on how to be a good friend and how to play well with others.

Lastly, he says that today’s kids need to learn to show gratitude.

He says he rarely hears please or thank you.

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