‘Stop Trump’ group requests permit to protest during RNC in Cleveland

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CLEVELAND-- A group calling itself "The Coalition to Stop Trump and March on the RNC” says it has applied for permits from the city of Cleveland for a “major protest” on July 18, the first day of the Republican National Convention.

John Penley says he’d actually like permission to take over a city park for four days so folks could camp, eat, enjoy music and more. Penley says his group would be peaceful, and he wants to avoid interaction with supporters of Donald Trump and avoid any confrontation.

The I-Team has learned several more applications have been filed just since the I-Team last week revealed the initial list of groups asking for permission for marches and rallies.

We have requested all of the latest filings. The city has not released those yet.

Those behind the “Stop Trump” event say they will march even if they don’t get a permit. Some protestors have grown angry waiting for the city to rule on applications for permits.

Christine Link of the American Civil Liberties Union says, if the city does not start issuing permits in the next couple of weeks, the ACLU may end up taking the city to court.

The I-Team is asking Cleveland City Hall to tell us the process for reviewing permits applications and the timetable.

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