I-Team: Supervisor disciplined for deadly police chase gets promotion

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CLEVELAND - Cleveland City Hall has promoted a police supervisor who was disciplined after a massive chase that turned deadly in 2012. So we asked why, and we had some questions for Michael McGrath. He got promoted from chief to safety director after the chase.

Thursday, the city promoted sergeant Brian Chetnik to Lieutenant. The city says he was suspended ten days after the 2012 chase. Dozens of police cars chased after a vehicle after an officer thought a shot had been fired from it. In the end, officers shot and killed two suspects.

The city says Chetnik did not actually take part in the chase and he never fired a shot. Instead, he received discipline because his bosses found he had been unaware cars from his district had joined the chase. The city also says it passed over Chetnik three times for promotion before this, but his overall record has been very good.

Meantime, many folks still say they’re angry because Safety Director Michael McGrath got promoted from chief right after the chase.

So we asked, ‘What do you say to them?’

He answered,"I understand their concerns. Nobody's more upset than I am. I always will be. But I have a job to do, and I have a new job as Director of Public Safety."

We followed up with, 'Your promotion, why do you feel that was justified?’ McGrath responded, “That's a question you'd have to ask Mayor Jackson. I've always given the community from the chief's job to the fourth district to my days on the street 110 percent."

Also on Thursday, the city promoted 6 patrol officers to sergeant.