I-Team finds several fired Cleveland Water Department employees didn’t pay bills for years

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CLEVELAND - The Fox 8 I-Team obtained termination letters for nine fired water department workers that show some of those employees didn't pay a water bill for several years.

On the letter written to one employee, a meter reader, it stated the last time she had made a payment to her account was in 2012.

Another employee's letter stated that there was no water consumption registering for his meter for an entire year.

A third employee had his water shut off for non payment in 2014. But it was discovered this March the water at his home had been turned back on without proper authorization.

A married couple were among the nine fired for tampering with their meters.

The letters state they were fired for fraudulent conduct.

"It's frustrating," said Tracey Jones of Cleveland. "It is unfair. I had to make payments on my past water bill for four years plus pay the current amount and others didn't pay anything?"

Jones said she is glad the city is investigating.

The city began investigating earlier this year when one employee's account was flagged for possible tampering.

Water department officials say there are more employees facing possible discipline. They were unable to give us the exact number Thursday but said they will do that soon.