Cleveland man’s beloved missing parrot is found

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — A man who was pleading for help finding his Eclectus parrot, Barrett, who was spooked and flew away from his Old Brooklyn home Tuesday night, says his beloved bird has been found.

Mike Wolf was offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who could find two-year-old Barrett.

Wolf said that on Tuesday night, he was bringing Barrett inside his home from the bird’s outdoor cage when a loud semi drove by. Barrett was spooked and was able to fly away.

Wolf said he followed Barrett as fast as he could but lost sight.

Barrett was last seen in the Harvard Avenue and Jennings Road area. He was found in the West 65th Street and Detroit Avenue area Thursday afternoon.

Barrett holds a special place in Wolf’s heart. Wolf said the parrot hatched on June 9, 2014. Wolf hand fed and raised the bird.