Cavaliers enjoying drama-free postseason as they prepare for Eastern Conference Finals

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CLEVELAND - The Cleveland Cavaliers are not only enjoying their time off this postseason, but they're loving that there is no drama either.

During the regular season, the Cavs fired head coach David Blatt and promoted Tyronn Lue, who was working as an assistant coach at the time.

They also traded Anderson Varajao, who had played with the Cavaliers since 2004. He was later signed by the Golden State Warriors, who defeated the Cavaliers in the 2015 NBA Finals.

There were also rumors about teammates not getting along, LeBron James posting several 'cryptic' tweets and even practicing with his old teammate Dwyane Wade in Miami as well.

Now, coach Lue and Kyrie Irving both said they're glad that at this point in the postseason there is no drama of any kind.

The team has done nothing but win the last few weeks, having swept both the Pistons and the Hawks, and are preparing to next take on the Toronto Raptors or the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

"It's great. We can just talk basketball and not the other things," coach Lue said at practice Thursday. "The team has done a great job of just being professional, being men and understanding that right now we have a goal in place and are trying to accomplish that goal."

The Cavaliers have had a lot of rest during the postseason, and are now just days away from their next series.

"When you're winning, it's just like everything's great," Irving said. "Then when you hit a little adversity everybody starts going back. I mean, it's the telltale sign of this team. It's been that way the whole entire year, ups, downs, it's part of being a professional and we understand that."

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