Little boy with autism falls in love with Snow White

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ORLANDO, Florida– A little boy’s sweet interaction with Snow White has gone viral.

The mom of 2-year-old Jack Jack says her son has autism and is non-verbal. Amanda Coley posted on YouTube, that Jack Jack didn’t want anything to do with the Disney characters during their vacation in November. She says her son is on the shy side with people he doesn’t know.

Then.. he met Snow White. Coley wrote: ” I must have cried 1000 tears watching his interaction with her. He was in love. ”

The Disney princess held his hand and hugged him as he smiled at her. Coley told PEOPLE, “Those are things we never get to see him do with anybody but us. It gave me hope there watching that that he will have the ability to warm up to people someday.”

Coley also told PEOPLE that Jack Jack continuously asks to see the video of Snow White, and signs for “more” when the video is done. They hope to find Snow White on their next trip to Disney and thank her.