Download: biotech company given permission to try and revive ‘dead’ brains

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(Photo Credit: MGN Online/Neurological Associates of Washington)

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Institutes of Health have given a biotech company approval to study ways to restart the inactive brains of patients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

In other words, they’re trying to bring people whose brains have stopped functioning back to life.

The company, Bioquark, is going to begin a study that uses a number of different techniques to try to “start measurable brainwave activity in brains that no longer perform life-sustaining functions.”

The trial is the first stage of Bioquark’s  Reanima project, which the company says is “exploring the technical boundaries of life and death to offer patients and families a second chance.”

Read more about this, here. 

What  do you think about a company that is essentially trying to bring the dead back to life?


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