One mom’s ‘call your mom’ Facebook post rings especially true on Mother’s Day weekend

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PHILADELPHIA, PA –  Mother’s Day 2016 is upon us. And we are not going to tell everyone what to do to honor their Mom or the person they consider their mom, but we are going to warn you about something.

Back when her son began college, Ann McCarney noticed that she just didn’t hear from him that much. So she decided to remind him about their history together:

“I taught you how to go to the potty and ride a bike, so I am going to teach you how to use a phone,” she calls out her son in the video. “I know, someone texts his girlfriend every day, doesn’t he?”

She also reminded him about a 6 foot guy called “Daddy.”  And all the rides to karate over the years. And the three three meals a day. And….well, you get the idea.

So just a warning that if you maybe forget to call Mom on her day, you may wind up on her Facebook video. And so may some of your childhood secrets!!

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