Happy half birthday Nora! Polar bear cub celebrates as she continues to grow

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COLUMBUS – Nora is already 6 months old!

The polar bear cub at the Columbus Zoo has come a long way since she was born.

Her mother, Aurora, rejected her just a few days after birth, so the zoo staff decided to pull her out of the den and raise her.

bearThey said it was a struggle to determine how often to feed her, what to feed her and how much weight she should be gaining. Only about 5 hand-reared polar bear cubs have survived in the last 35 years.

She opened her eyes for the first time at about 37 days, and became mobile shortly after.

She now weighs about 100 pounds, loves to splash around and play with her enrichment toys.

The staff said they are thrilled with her progress and are excited to watch her grow!