Kidnapping survivor returns to Seymour Avenue 3 years after her rescue

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CLEVELAND - Llly Rose Lee, formerly known as Michelle Knight, returned to Seymour Avenue in Cleveland on Thursday, nearly 3 years after she was rescued.

Lee was kidnapped and held captive by Ariel Castro inside his Cleveland home, which has since been replaced with a park.

She, along with Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, were rescued on May 6, 2013.

Lee said she returned to the home, but not to mark the anniversary of her rescue. Instead, she wanted to raise awareness for others who have disappeared and never come home. .

"There are still loved ones out there yearning and wanting their loved ones to walk through the door just as well as me, Amanda and Gina did for our families," Lee said.  "And I want them to have the same love and strength and hope that we had that carried us through."

Lee released her first book, "Finding Me," about a year after her rescue.

Currently, she does public speaking and enjoys life with her three dogs.

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