Girls with grit: Dez Cowie’s journey from marathons to Ironman races

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CLEVELAND - Dez Cowie's two feet have traveled the world, one race at a time.

"You finish a race and you say 'what else can I do?'"

Dez Cowie, 56, was born and raised in South Africa. She now lives in Gates Mills, but didn't even start racing until she was 45.

Her first marathon was in New York, but she said she lost strength at the 16th mile.

That didn't slow her down though, she kept running, marathon after marathon.

Soon after, she moved on to ultra marathons and multi-stage races.

"Ironman was up there for me in amazing days because getting there is so much hard work."

An Ironman race consists of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a full marathon.

She is now training for her fourth Ironman race.

"You find the strength in yourself that you don't know you have until you need to use it."

She isn't in it to win it though, she just does it for the love of running.

"I don't know, I just run for the sheer joy of it."