‘I’m truly blessed:’ Real-life Barbie says she’s a regular Ohio mom despite spending $500K on surgeries

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CINCINNATI, Ohio - Many little girls dream of living like Barbie; with the pink convertible, dream house and glamour pool, but that fantasy has become a reality for a suburban Cincinnati mom.

Nannette Hammond says she was always fascinated with Barbie’s beauty growing up and now has taken steps to look like her childhood idol.

The transformation began about 20 years ago when the petite mom in her early 40s had her first breast augmentation.

“In my teenaged years I was flat chested and self-conscious,” said Nannette, “But afterward it built my confidence tremendously.”

Other procedures followed while working as a nurse for a plastic surgeon; including two more breast operations, injections, dental veneers and Barbie blonde hair extensions.

Nannette admits to spending about $500,000 over the years, but says it was gradual and has never interfered with her family’s needs or their ability to support various charities.

Her husband Dave is a successful self-made businessman, who says Nannette looked a lot different when they met, but was always beautiful; although he fell in love with her heart, not her appearance.

Together they’re raising 6 children, but being Barbie’s ‘doppleganger’ isn’t always easy.

“She’s very controversial,” said Dave, “They either love her or hate her.”

Often people post nasty messages on her Instagram account which she only started to check on her kids.

She says people started criticizing racy photos taken by Dave and posted on-line after a tabloid story about her went viral.

When asked about her children seeing the comments, the petite blonde broke down in tears and said, “They love me. I just always tell them to be the better person.”

Teenage daughter Hannah says Nannette is actually a “regular mom” who loves and disciplines them; despite living in a 10,000 square foot luxury home with a stunning pool, and multiple vehicles including a Barbie pink convertible.

In fact, Nannette insists on cleaning the massive house and caring for the children without any outside help. She says, their drawings and artwork is far more valuable than any crystal chandelier.

Although there is talk of a possible reality show in the future, Nannette and Dave say they would never do anything to jeopardize their family.

“I’m truly blessed,” said Nannette.