I-Team: Video shows dramatic ending to 2014 Trumbull County Jail hostage situation

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TRUMBULL COUNTY, Ohio - Fox 8 has the video from inside the Trumbull County Jail after inmates took a guard hostage.

The images of how the 2014 hostage situation ended, never seen before, were released to Fox 8 Wednesday.

The security video shows SWAT officers entering a pod at the jail seconds after the five hours hostage situation ended.

It shows Corrections Officer Joe Lynn being released, and the inmates fist bumping each other before SWAT swarmed the pod.

This is something Trumbull County Sheriff Tom Altiere says he won’t soon forget.

“As it relates to the jail, this was absolutely the worst time for us,” Altiere said.

Lt. Eric Shay said during the incident the inmates used bed sheets to secure the door to their pod and shanks made out of plastic spoons. They also had greasy liquid ready to pour if deputies tried to enter the cell.

One of the inmates involved, David Martin is now on death row after being convicted of aggravated murder. The other two were Richard Ware and Kevin Johns.

Ware was being held on aggravated robbery charges and Johns for rape.

“They were the three of the worst inmates you could have in jail and they had nothing to lose,” Altiere said.

Shay credits Warren Police Lt. Jeff Cole for leading the negotiations, which ended with a peaceful resolution.

“No one was injured,” Shay said. “Lt. Cole did an outstanding job.”

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