Donald Trump to have a say in RNC planning now that he’s the only candidate

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CLEVELAND -The lighting, the seating, the backdrop.

Organizers have been planning the Republican National Convention to be held in Cleveland for more than a year.

Now that Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate left standing, he will now have some control on how it is run.

The chance of a contested Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July seems to have faded. Donald Trump's big win in Indiana Tuesday night clears the way for him to be the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

"We're right on schedule and we look forward to 75 days from now kicking this thing off on July 18th," said David O’Neil, deputy press secretary for the Republican National Convention Committee on Arrangements.

For more than a year, organizers have been planning for the historic event to be held inside Quicken Loans Arena. Traditionally, the nominee has a say in the planning process, so now Donald Trump can add his influence to the convention.

"We will begin reaching out to the Trump campaign and getting their input as to what they would like to see at the convention, we will also be updating them on the months of planning that we've already done," said O’Neil.

Organizers say the Trump campaign has not yet indicated what they may want or whether they'll changes to current plans.

"What they're gonna be able to do is come in and then say 'we want this to happen, we want this to happen, we may want this to look a little differently," O’Neil said.

A clear nominee also means a clear focus for protesters.

A group called "The Coalition to Stop Trump and March on the RNC" is applying for a permit to rally and march against Donald Trump on the first day of the convention.

"We've been looking at where to hold a rally and the march routes and other things, we are determined to be within sight and sound of Quicken Arena," said one of the protest organizers Tony Burke, speaking to Fox 8 from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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