RNC Chairman Priebus breaks down what to expect during the convention, drama within party

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CLEVELAND- In 80 days, all eyes will be on Cleveland as the Republican National Convention kicks off in downtown Cleveland.

Today, in a Cleveland exclusive, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus talked to FOX 8 about what we can expect over the course of the convention and Cleveland's prep for the historic event.

Preibus touched on the drama within the Republican party, but despite the hurdle he feels the committee in Cleveland is doing a great job.  He said, "We are pleased with the work they have done.  The preparedness of the city, the mayor, the host committee has been great. I am also looking forward to  Cleveland helping us out and winning Ohio."

Fox 8's Gabe Spiegel asked Chairman Priebus how the rules committee will work the week before the RNC begins. Priebus said, "The week before the convention there will be a lot of folks in Cleveland. They will be in committee meetings before the convention. Keep in mind the convention is a working convention. The reality is there is a lot of work that goes on during the day.  Delegates run for positions on the rules committee."

The Republican National Convention officially begins July 18.

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