Second round of the 2016 NFL Draft is underway

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CHICAGO – The second round of the 2016 NFL Draft is over. On Thursday,  the Cleveland Browns chose Corey Coleman with the 15th overall pick.

Previously, the Browns had the second pick, but traded with the Eagles and now have the 8th pick. They traded with the Tennessee Titans for the 15th pick right before they were supposed to select.

This year, the Browns have 12 picks throughout the entire draft, which goes through Saturday.

On Friday, the Browns have the first pick of the second round and have 3 picks in the third round.

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Fourth round: 99th overall selection (first in the round), 100th overall (second in the round) and138th overall selection (compensatory pick, 40th in the round)
Fifth round: 141st overall selection (2nd in the round), 172nd overall selection (33rd in the round) and 173rd overall selection (34th in the round)
Sixth round: None
Seventh round: 223rd overall selection (2nd in the round)

Friday, the second day of the draft, will feature the second and third rounds, getting underway at 7 p.m.

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Today's the day! Happy #BrownsDraft Day!

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Kaily Cunningham April 29, 20167:05 pm

John Telich here! Ready to roll…here folks….Bears greats like Butkus there

Kaily Cunningham April 29, 20167:14 pm

Browns gonna take defensive end Ogbah from Oklahoma State. Paul Warfield making the pick…. Warrens own

Kaily Cunningham April 29, 20167:24 pm

The Cowboys take Jaylon Smith at #34, the injured Notre Dame star …  WOW.  he went pretty high for the injuries  Telich 

Kaily Cunningham April 29, 20167:29 pm

Hue Jackson said that Ogbah was too good to pass up and that “We want to suffocate the QB” (Telich)

Kaily Cunningham April 29, 20167:33 pm

Two players with injury concerns are gone… Jack just went to Jacksonville. (previously Jaylon Smith of Notre Dame went to  Cowboys (telich)

Kaily Cunningham April 29, 20167:37 pm

Ogbah tolk media he had no private workout or visit with Browns..He was surprised (Telich)

Kaily Cunningham April 29, 20167:48 pm

Ozzie Newsome collecting extra pick…..Ravens have moved down twice in round 2 (telilch)

Kaily Cunningham April 29, 20167:48 pm

Former Buckeye Noah Spence taken by the Buccaneers. 

Kaily Cunningham April 29, 20167:52 pm

Predictable words from most teams…Browns no exception.  They said Coleman was the WR they wanted and they said that Emmanuel Ogbah was graded by them as a first round pick (telich)

Kaily Cunningham April 29, 20168:31 pm

Michael Thomas will be a big target for Drew Brees in New Orleans. He was 6th Buckeye taken in the draft in first 47 picks (Telich)