Study: Your dog hates your hugs

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It’s a study that’s going to be difficult for any dog owner to hear — your dog probably hates your hugs.

In an article published in Psychology Today, psychology professor and neuropsychological researcher Stanley Coren argues that most dogs are stressed out by hugs.

Coren and his team analyzed 250 pictures posted to social media of people hugging their dogs.

What they found is that 82 percent of dogs exhibited at least one of the signs of dog stress — including turning their heads away, showing the whites of their eyes, and slicked back ears.

Only 8-percent of dogs appeared to be happy with a hug. The remaining 10 percent appeared neutral.

So, how can you show your dog you love them? Coren recommends giving them a pat, a kind word, and maybe a treat.

*You can read more of the study here.

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