I-Team takes closer look at 13-year-old accused of robbing pizza delivery drivers

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The FOX 8 I TEAM is taking hard questions to the family of a 13-year-old robbery suspect now believed to be involved in a violent crime spree.

In fact, we obtained a photo posted online of the young teen holding a gun in a threatening pose.

However, when we met the boy's father, he said, "I ain't never seen him with a weapon until you just showed it to me."

The 13-year-old, though, now sits in the juvenile detention center locked up. Cleveland police suspect him in multiple robberies of pizza delivery drivers on the near east side.

And, the I TEAM found the young teen was already on probation.

We asked the father how someone so young could become such a suspected terror on the streets. The father said, "They do what they do." He added, his son ran with a rough crowd.

We asked, as a parent, why not keep him in the house? The father added, "Can't do that."
Oddly, the father also couldn't tell us what grade the teen is in at school. How? He said, "'Cause I ain't never thought about what grade he's in. His momma tells me."

Cleveland police are continuing their investigation, and the teen has been ordered by a judge to remain locked up.

If 13 seems young for serious crime, consider what we found in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court. The court says since January of 2015, 158 teens at the age of 13 have been charged with felony crimes.

That father believes someone else is to blame for the pizza driver hold-ups, but the other person used his son's phone to set up the crimes.