‘River Monsters’ TV crew rescues castaway: ‘He was prepared to die’

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A TV crew working on an episode of “River Monsters” came across something they never expected: a man stranded on an island off the coast of Australia.

The show posted a video on its Facebook page showing the rescue. They said the man would have died had it not been for Jeremy Wade, the show’s host, and “River Monsters” crew members.

Wade said they were heading to some fishing grounds when something stopped them in their tracks: A man was shouting for help and yelling that he needed something to drink.

The crew rescued him and gave him water right away. They found out that the man had been fishing and was separated from his boat. He was on the island for two days and had become disoriented and severely dehydrated. The crew of “River Monsters” said he might have only survived one more day.

The show’s director, Stephen Shearman, told Inside Edition that the man had said his final prayer.  “He was prepared to die and meet his maker.”

After he was rehydrated, the man was taken to get medical attention.

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