Police: Abduction suspect arrested, Google Earth image helped pinpoint his whereabouts

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OAKWOOD VILLAGE, Ohio -- Brandi Shakir has been found safe after the man suspected of abducting her Monday was taken into custody in Erie, Pa.

Kyle Johnson, 25, was involved in an altercation at a residence in Erie, according to police, after allegedly trying to break into a home at around 11 a.m. Tuesday.

Following the incident, he was taken into custody and was being transported to the hospital. Oakwood Village police believe he was shot once in the leg and once in the abdomen.

Shakir, 23, was also found. She was described as being in stable condition.

"She did things right, she is alive, and she is healthy for the most part," said Oakwood Village Police Chief Mark Garratt.

Oakwood Village police previously said they believed Shakir, 23, was abducted from her mother's home on Lynbrook Drive Monday morning by Johnson, who is her ex-boyfriend.

Garratt said by about 2 a.m., there were at least one dozen leads regarding their whereabouts. The tips came from drivers, residents and those who thought they spotted his car. Police followed up on every lead, said Garratt.

Garratt said a Google Earth image sent by a tipster showed what appeared to be Johnson's vehicle in a backyard in the area near where the two were found.

"We were able to narrow him down in that area...he was about a mile and a half from where we expected him to be," said Garratt.

It's not clear why the two were headed to Erie. Garratt said he's not sure about potential charges yet, but that the investigation is far from over.

Shakir had a restraining order against Johnson after a beating last week that left her with two black eyes and a broken eye socket.

Monday, Oakwood Village police said Johnson moved to her mother's home after last week's attack. A neighbor called 911 around 10:30 a.m. to report seeing Johnson and then a fire at the house. Shakir was nowhere to be found.

Shakir and Johnson dated for about three years, but broke up more than one year ago.

Police say Johnson does have a criminal history, but up until now, it did not include anything violent.

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Darcie Loreno April 19, 201612:17 pm

Police say Johnson has been taken into custody

Darcie Loreno April 19, 201612:17 pm

Erie Police Department took Johnson into custody. 

Darcie Loreno April 19, 201612:17 pm

Johnson was shot; he is in stable condition

Darcie Loreno April 19, 201612:18 pm

Police say Shakir’s family is relieved to hear the news

Darcie Loreno April 19, 201612:19 pm

Police say Johnson was trying to break into a home when he was found. Police believe the break-in was random. 

Darcie Loreno April 19, 201612:20 pm

Police say Brandi Shakir has also been found and is safe.

Darcie Loreno April 19, 201612:20 pm

Shakir has injuries but is in stable condition. 

Darcie Loreno April 19, 201612:21 pm

Chief Mark Garratt says thanks to the collaboration and work between law enforcement agencies, the fast-developing case was solved and Shakir is safe.

Darcie Loreno April 19, 201612:22 pm

Darcie Loreno April 19, 201612:22 pm

Police are still ironing out charges Johnson will face.

Darcie Loreno April 19, 201612:22 pm

Garratt: I think his state of mind is very skewed to come in with a restraining order and do the kind of abuse he did…and it made us very angry.

Darcie Loreno April 19, 201612:23 pm

Police say by 2 a.m. this morning, there were at least one dozen tips from the public regarding Johnson’s whereabouts.

Darcie Loreno April 19, 201612:25 pm

Police received a Google Earth photo from a tipster — they believed the photo showed Johnson’s vehicle. The break-in was about a mile and a half from where police suspected Johnson was located.