911 call: Listen as Westlake dad’s stranger danger test backfires

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WESTLAKE, Ohio-- Westlake police are investigating after they say a father put his sons through a stranger danger test.

According to police, the 46-year-old dad wanted to see if his sons, ages 14 and 16, would follow his order not to let anyone inside the home except known relatives.  So, he talked a friend into helping him out.

On Thursday afternoon, the father's 45-year-old friend went to the door and asked to be let in. The 14-year-old let the friend in the home. Police say the friend pretended to be a recently released ex-con who said the boys' father owed him money. The boys said he made physical threats.

The teens then barricaded themselves in a bedroom, jumped out of a second-floor window onto the garage roof and then onto the ground.  The 16-year-old suffered a minor scrape. He called 911 from a neighbor's home and told the dispatcher, "This guy was trying to kill us."

**Listen to the entire 911 call in the video above**

When officers responded to the home, they realized it was all a charade.  Police say the friend, who was in contact with the father on the phone the entire time, wanted to stop the act when things went too far, but he said the father insisted he continue.

Police say the father referred to his sons' actions as an "epic fail."  The city prosecutor will consider child endangering charges against both adults.

Police praised both boys for the actions they took when they thought they were in danger.