Apartment uses coyote decoys to keep protective mother goose from eggs

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SHEFFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio-- A standoff between the forces of nature and the will of man is unfolding at the Waterford Place Apartments in Sheffield Village.

A Canada goose selected the mulch bed in front of the apartment as the spot for her nest. To keep her away, management placed two coyote decoys around the nest.

"She can't sit on them and she can't keep them warm. So they're going to die, if they haven't already. Which is sad because she sat here all night long or she'll sit in the sun right over here and wait, and that made me upset," Nancy Kwiatkowski said.

She considers the strategy to keep the goose away inhumane.

"She has a right to have her eggs, she has a right to have her babies," Kwiatkowski said.

Maintenance manager Kevin Walker, whose duties include cleaning up after the geese, said according to state wildlife guidelines, the complex is not allowed to disturb the eggs. But they are allowed to discourage the geese from nesting and hope they abandon their eggs.

"You can't blame her because she's only protecting her nest," Kwiatkowski said.


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