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Surprise! From lesson plans to wedding plans, local teachers get engaged

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CLEVELAND - Some junior high students get a "real life" lesson in love and romance – much to everyone’s surprise. Steven Miller, sixth grade social studies teacher at Cleveland’s St. Ignatius Elementary School got the students to help pop the big question.

Miller and eighth grade science teacher Allison Schulte have been partner teachers at the school and he was hoping they would be partners for life.

Schulte thought she was entering the gym for an assembly. There she saw the students holding letters spelling out the question Miller asked her on one knee: “Miss Schulte, will you marry me?”

She said yes.

"Last year we became partner teachers. And, we got the opportunity to get very close to one another. And, everything about her, I suddenly fell in love with," Miller said.

It was the same for Schulte.

"I just saw a different side of him working with him. I saw what a compassionate and wonderful man he was... And, fell in love and there you go," she said.

This was a total surprise to their students, who had no idea they were even dating.

Now, these two teachers will go from making lessons plans, to making wedding plans.