Northeast Ohioans ready for spring weather after waking up to snow-covered lawns

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BAINBRIDGE - Lawns covered with snow, driveways littered with branches and homes without power.

Many Northeast Ohioans woke up to a winter mess on Sunday morning. Although we have been through worse, many people are ready for real spring weather.

Sunday afternoon, a blanket of snow covered the yards around neighborhoods in Bainbridge in Geauga County. It's not a lot for snowbelt standards, but for some residents it's too much for April.

"I hate it! Snow, I hate the cold, I don't want to have nothing to do with it, and I knew it was coming because we had a great winter," said Hiram resident Lenny Dicarro.

A spring snowstorm blew through Northeast Ohio Saturday evening with snow and high winds, knocking out power to thousands, many who remained in the dark until Sunday.

"On these lilac bushes, there's snow covering those flower buds, but those buds are gonna be just fine, there's not gonna be any damage to those at all," explained Jeff Griff, owner of Lowe's Greenhouse and Gift Shop in Bainbridge.

He says snow in April is not that unusual, he moved his more sensitive plants inside when he found out cold weather was coming and covered up the plants he couldn't bring indoors.

"The plants are gonna be affected and it's not gonna help them at all, but for the most part there's not gonna be any long term effects," Griff said.

"I like weather, whatever it is I'll take it, God gave it to us," said Huntsburg Township resident Jim Baker.

But by now, Clevelanders know just when we are done with winter, winter is not always done with us.

"April 23, eleven years ago, we had my daughter's baby shower. And the week before, it was in the 70s and we woke up that Sunday morning to about four inches of snow, so no surprise, surprise," said Hiram resident Jackie Dicarro.

The owner of Lowe’s Greenhouse says if you’re wondering about when to plant, he says it is too early to plant things like tomatoes and your annual flowers.

But he says when it comes to sturdy plants, trees and shrubs, now is the perfect time, as long as the ground is not too wet.