Boy with amputated legs meets dolphin with prosthetic tail

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CLEARWATER, Florida -A Florida boy has spent months raising enough money to visit his new friend.

That new friend is actually a dolphin named Winter, according to WSAV.

Winter, who was in the movie Dolphin Tale, lives at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and has a prosthetic tail. She was injured by a crab trap a few years ago.

What makes Braedon Monthony’s bond with Winter so special is the fact that Braedon had parts of both legs amputated when he was young.

“I was like watching the movie and in my head I was like, she’s just like me!” Braedon said.

Braedon lost his legs to an infection as a baby, but he still rides a bike, swims and plays thanks to his prosthetics.

“It was like really awesome. I wanted to jump right in the water with her,” Braedon said.

Thankfully Braedon learned a lot for his future; he wants to help animals in need, maybe even dolphins.

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