Family of woman killed after pit bull attack fear they won’t get justice

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SHAKER HEIGHTS - Fox 8 has learned that a plea deal could be in the works in the case of an elderly woman who was mauled to death in a vicious dog attack.

The victim’s family fears they still will not receive the proper justice when the case is over.

"It's just unfair to feel like it's being pushed off as if it's just another person gone," the victim’s granddaughter Marleena Starr said after the meeting.

"Throughout half of the meeting, we were all very upset and in tears. I had to leave out at one point in time," said granddaughter Tequila Williams.

Loved ones of 71-year-old Annie Williams met with Cuyahoga County prosecutors at the Justice Center Friday afternoon.

49-year-old Leon Morton and 71-year-old Bobbie Green are charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide in her death.

Prosecutors say last July, while picking up her great-granddaughters from their home in Shaker Heights, Williams was attacked by a pit bull, that belonged to the mother and son. She later died of her injuries.

"We were not aware in coming to the meeting that they may actually settle on a plea deal," said Williams.

Williams says the family wants Morton and Green punished equally for the third degree felonies. She says after leaving Friday's meeting, the family got the impression that Bobbie Green could plea down to much lesser charges.

A spokesman for the prosecutor's office confirmed that there have been discussions of a plea in the case, but would not give details.

"She's the homeowner and in our eyes if she hadn't allowed the dog to be there, then it wouldn't have been there and this never would have happened," said Williams.

"I hold her accountable as she should be because of her age, she knew better. Everybody say with age you grow with wisdom, but where is your wisdom?" asked Starr.

A neighbor shot and killed the dog.

Two of Tequila's daughters, just 7 and 8 at the time, witnessed the attack. She says, if convicted, she wants Morton and Greene punished as severely as possible.

"The death of our grandmother is at their fingertips, it's just as if they hit somebody with a car and it was an accident. They didn't mean to kill that person, but it was your action that led to that person's death, this needs to be treated the same," Williams said.

A pre-trial hearing in the case is scheduled for Monday.

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