Report: Mariah Carey’s brother calls her an ‘evil witch’

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The brother of singing superstar Mariah Carey says she is an “evil witch” whose behavior has torn their family apart.

Morgan Carey told the British tabloid The Sun that his sister is refusing to pay the medical bills for their dying older sister.

Morgan Carey says their sister Alison, a 54-year-old former prostitute, is HIV positive and needs brain and spinal surgery.

“Alison has desperately reached out to Mariah over and over again,” he told the The Sun. “We never hear back.”

Carey’s brother admits he hasn’t spoken to his famous sister in more than two years.

“Why isn’t our millionaire sister and her billionaire fiance helping out?” he asked. “I think she could at least manage to put our sister in a good hospital and make sure she gets the care she needs.”

A spokesperson for Mariah Carey refused to comment on the report, The Sun reported.

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