Police: Teen arrested in South Euclid damages cruiser, threatens officers

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South Euclid car damage. Courtesy South Euclid police.

SOUTH EUCLID -Two teens were arrested on Monday after causing a disturbance at the South Euclid Library.

According to police, multiple 911 calls were made about juveniles throwing furniture and threatening librarians.

When officers arrived, one of the teens yelled at him and challenged him to a fight.

Once the teen was arrested and handcuffed, he was placed inside the cruiser. Once inside, he kicked the back window so hard that the window frame separated from the door, causing $700 in damage.

When police got back to the station, the teen kicked the door of the holding cell so much that the South Euclid Fire Department had to force their way inside and grab the teen.

He was placed elsewhere until his legal guardian came to pick him up.

Police say that as he left the station, he threatened to harm the officers the next time he saw them working.

Another teen is also going to be charged in the library incident.