Kent woman arrested after breaking into Portage County APL to get her cats back

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Kristeen Pascoe (Photo courtesy: Portage County APL/Portage County Sheriff)

RAVENNA, OH – A Kent woman is under arrest after breaking into the Portage County Animal Protective League and taking her two cats back.

It all started when a worker arrived at the building on Infirmary Road in Ravenna on Friday, March 11. She noticed that a window had been broken out. After a check of the building, workers realized that the cats in question were missing, and that they had been confiscatedfrom Kristeen L. Pascoe, 48, of Kent back in February.

Security video showed Pascoe clearly and she was recognized by members of the APL staff.

At the same time, workers at the Water Department, which is right next to the APL, noticed that someone had tried to break into their building. During the course of the investigation, information was obtained linking Pascoe to both incidents.

The Portage County Sheriff was able to find Pascoe that day. She was taken into custody and charged with breaking and entering, vandalism and theft. She is currently in the Portage County jail.

Chalan Lowry, Executive Director of the Portage APL, recounted her initial reaction to getting the call about the break-in. “You immediately panic and think about the animals. Are they OK, injured, or have they been let out of their cages? Your mind goes a million directions and all you can do is get there as fast as you can. Windows and items can be replaced, but these animals are our reason for being. It was a hard day for everyone.”

The two cats that Pascoe took have not been found yet.