Singer Ariana Grande has host of slips on ‘SNL’

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From what may have been a wardrobe malfunction to cursing, singer Ariana Grande made quite the impression on “Saturday Night Live.”

Grande performed double duty as both the host and the musical act Saturday night, and she used her monologue to poke fun at her child star status and some of the hazards of growing up in the limelight — including that time she “got caught licking a doughnut I didn’t pay for.”

“I’ve learned that it’s really time to grow up, and I’m in a place where I’m really ready to be caught in an adult scandal,” the former Nickelodeon star said. “A real scandal, something to take my career to the next level?”

She then transitioned to a musical number about potential scandals, appeared to flub a line and muttered “Oh s**t.”

Later Grande left some audience members a tad bit confused as she started a musical performance with a jacket slung around her shoulders, and ended up with it awkwardly hanging off of one arm. Twitter had a field day with that, with one person tweeting “I’m not sure if I’m too old, but what the hell was @ArianaGrande doing with that jacket while performing?”

The singer received kudos, however, for her skills as a celebrity impersonator.

In a skit poking fun at the streaming service Tidal, Grande played an intern with the uncanny ability to mimic Britney Spears, Shakira, Rihanna, Celine Dion, and the late Whitney Houston. She also pulled off a pretty impressive impersonation of “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence in a “Family Feud” skit.