Gov. Kasich holds town hall meeting Sunday in Strongsville

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STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - Gov. John Kasich is making his presence known before the Ohio primary on Tuesday.

He, like many of the other candidates, has been campaigning all weekend long, and stopped in Strongsville on Sunday for a town hall meeting.

His wife, Karen Kasich, introduced him to the crowd and loud cheers could be heard all around.

"Under his watch, we have gained 400,000 private sector jobs. We have not only balanced the budget, but we have taken an $8 billion deficit and turned it into a $2 billion surplus. And we've made sure that the people who live in the shadows, come along with us and are not left behind,” she said.

Kasich first addressed the audience with a short speech about the economy before opening up the floor to questions.

A couple of supporters wanted to know more about his thoughts on foreign policy and the nuclear deal with Iran, while another suggested he make Marco Rubio his running mate.

Kasich said it’s a little soon to be picking a vice president.

“Look, I think that's like measuring the drapes, but what I do know is that when we win in Ohio on Tuesday, it's going to change everything,” he said.

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