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GOP candidate Ted Cruz hosts rally in Columbus

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COLUMBUS, Ohio-- Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz held a rally in Columbus on Sunday ahead of Ohio's primary.

Cruz spoke at the Northland Performing Arts Center to a room full of cheering people holding signs. He said he was thrilled to be there with so many patriots.

He spoke about students loans and learning a living wage, while promising to repeal every word of the Affordable Care Act.

"If you want to kill the economy, do what we've done the last seven years: Hammer the living daylights out of small businesses," Cruz said.

He accused President Barack Obama's administration of weakening the military, praising Ronald Reagan's response to Jimmy Carter.

Cruz also took shots at fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump, saying if Trump is the nominee, then Hillary Clinton will win the White House. He said Republicans need to come together and stand as one.

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Northland Performing Arts Center