Highland Drive Elementary School is a Cool School!

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BRECKSVILLE - Students at Highland Drive Elementary School in Brecksville start each day with a pledge. "Today will be a great day at Highland Drive School. I will be respectful. I will be responsible. I will be ready to learn and I will be the difference."

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Highland Drive has embarked on a 'one school, one book' program. All students, kindergarten through the third grade are reading the same book, The Chocolate Touch. This encourages reading in class and at home. "You get to take the book home and read it and then you get to keep it. Then there is a trivia question," first grader Marc Sokolowski said.

Technology is integrated in every common core subject and at every grade level. Highland Drive makes it a cool school "cause we get to play on a smart board," kindergartner Grace Gooding said.

The students work with different social media and learn computer skills -- the skills they'll need to take mandated state tests.

A Maker's Club was started at Highland Drive School to inspire creative thinking. Interested second and third graders give up recess twice a week and work on building objects. “We're doing Legos and you can make like alligators, or lions, airplanes. Everybody, I hope they're having fun," third grader Genna Thompson said.

Students have fun in specials, like art and music. Third graders are taking the first steps towards learning how to play the recorder.

That’s why Highland Drive Elementary, the home of the Bees, is buzzing with excitement after being named this week’s Fox 8 Cool School.