Kasich, Clinton in NE Ohio today to stump before Tuesday primaries

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It's a tight Ohio race between Donald Trump and Gov. John Kasich as the two prepare for next week's primaries. 

Both are making visits to Cleveland this week to snag more voters.

Hillary Clinton will also appear at Cuyahoga Community College tonight.

Recent polls show her with a big Ohio lead over Bernie Sanders. But she's not taking any chances, especially after Sanders pulled off a morale-boosting super Saturday, winning in both Kansas and Nebraska.

Kasich is also making a trip into town today. He'll appear at a town hall tonight at Ohio CAT in Broadview Heights. Kasich is fighting hard to win his home state and beat Donald Trump on Tuesday.

New polls show a close Ohio race between the two, with Trump slightly ahead.

Today's visits are far from the end. On Saturday, Trump will be at the IX Center. Kasich will be in Mansfield. And Clinton will be at Olivet Baptist Church in Cleveland

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