I TEAM: more punishment tied to 2012 police chase that turned deadly

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has found yet another Cleveland Police officer punished in connection with a massive 2012 chase that ended with police firing 137 shots killing two suspects.

The city just released disciplinary documents to the I TEAM showing officer John Jordan got suspended for ten days.

Jordan actually got punished for what happened before the big chase.

Investigators found he had stopped the same car, but he never told police radio. And investigators say that car took off on Jordan, and he chased for a block. But again, they say he never told police radio.

The city’s outline of internal charges shows “Just seconds after the vehicle pulled away” it became involved in the big pursuit.

The city says Jordan also later lied about what happened.

This ten-day suspension was handed out in November, but again, the city just revealed this after a FOX 8 records request.

The 6 officers recently fired are appealing their discipline.

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