Governor Kasich holds campaign rally in Broadview Heights

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BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, OH - Ohio governor John Kasich spent time in Northeast Ohio Tuesday, drumming up support from his home state.  With Ohio’s Republican primary just a week away, the governor hopes he can win enough votes to come out on top.

Recent polls show Governor Kasich trailing GOP front-runner Donald Trump in Ohio, but not by much.  In some polls, Trump only holds a four point lead, and the governor says he believes after the final vote is counted, he will win Ohio.

Hundreds of people attended a rally and town hall session inside the maintenance shop at Ohio Cat in Broadview Heights Tuesday afternoon.

"We have what it takes in the state of Ohio to reach out to all of America and at the same time to large parts of the world...just give me a chance," Kasich told the crowd.

Exactly one week from the Ohio primary, the governor says he believes he can win his home state and go on to win the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  He touted his achievements on balancing a budget, increasing jobs and wages while governor.

"Our campaign is rising in the polls based on a vision and a positive message and staying out of the mudslinging and the negative," Kasich said.

Kasich told the crowd he also knows how to work with people.  He talked about the tense times in Cleveland, following the outcomes of the Michael Brelo and Tamir Rice cases.

"It's ok to get out there and protest and express what you feel, but I think being in a position where we brought people together has allowed us to go through some very difficult times, without violence in the great city of Cleveland," said Kasich.

Kasich also answered a few questions from members of the audience.  The first question came from a man who yelled “Governor, how are you gonna trump Trump?” as people laughed.

When asked if he think’s Kasich can win in Ohio, Kasich supporter Eugene Skerl responded…"maybe not, but he can really try and you gotta give him credit for that."

"He was going to ensure that minority businesses such as myself had a fair opportunity to do business in the state of Ohio...not only did he do that, he exceeded that," said Kasich supporter Renee Singleton.

"I'm not liking what's happening with the Republican party right now, it almost feels like it's imploding and I think he's actually the voice of reason right now," said Kasich supporter Irene Mahlay.

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