LeBron James sends another cryptic tweet

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CLEVELAND — LeBron James‘ Twitter feed continues to be a mystery.

The Cleveland Cavaliers forward posted another cryptic tweet on Sunday.

“It’s this simple. U can’t accomplished the dream if everyone isn’t dreaming the same thing everyday. Nightmares follow,” the tweet read. It was followed by the hashtags “#TheDC” and “#SFG.”

“#SFG” is believed to stand for “Strive for Greatness.”

What “#TheDC” stands for is unclear.

Last week, James refused to comment on another cryptic tweet.

James bluntly answered “no” when he was asked if he wanted to explain the tweet, which had some wondering if he was call out one of his teammates — something he has done on social media in the past.

“Nope,” James said when asked if that was the case.

On Sunday, James posted a video on Instagram. “Something is really wrong with me! And I love that it is,” he wrote.