Elyria father facing charges after 3-year-old daughter found wandering on street

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ELYRIA, OH - A father from Elyria is facing charges after police say his 3-year-old daughter was found out wandering on a busy street.

"I was leaving the library and I was turning to go to Staples on West River Road and I saw the girl," said Amanda Gamache, of Grafton.

Gamache says it was about 2:00 p.m. Sunday when she spotted a little girl walking in the middle of West River Road in Elyria.

"I threw my car in park and stopped the cars that were coming behind me.  I ran to her, she ran to me, we both had our arms out and she jumped in my arms and threw her arms around my neck," said Gamache.

Gamache says the little girl was crying and she wasn't wearing a coat.

Sunday, it was a high of 40 degrees.

"She was cold.  I had a blanket, I covered her up with blanket and we called dispatch," said Gamache.

The girl's father, 32-year-old Christopher Peterson of Elyria, was supposed to be looking after her.

Police reports say Peterson arrived on scene after he realized the girl was missing, went looking for her, and noticed the police activity.

Police say this is not the first time this has happened.

Back on February 23rd, the Elyria Police Department was called to Planet Fitness on West River Road by two women who found the little girl wandering outside at 11 p.m.

Police arrested Peterson later that day and charged him with child endangering.

As for the little girl, she is now in custody of her grandmother.

"If just one person wasn't paying attention, maybe looking at their phone or something, she would have been gone.  She was literally in the middle of traffic.  She was on the dotted lines in between the two lanes of traffic," said Gamache.