Governor Kasich holds campaign rally with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

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COLUMBUS, OH - Gov. John Kasich kicked off his campaign in Ohio with a special guest, when former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger joined him Sunday for a "Battleground Ohio" campaign rally in Columbus.

Photo courtesy: Kevin Freeman, WJW

Photo courtesy: Kevin Freeman, WJW

Schwarzenegger spoke ahead of Kasich, both honoring the late Nancy Reagen who passed away Sunday morning.

Schwarzenegger endorsed Kasich, talking about how his balanced budget and ability to create new jobs is what America needs. He called America a "land of opportunity" that gave him what he needed to be successful.

He added that so much work needs to be done in Washington and Kasich needs to "take charge and be at the White House."

Kasich also said some kind words about Nancy Reagan, comparing her caring relationship with her husband Ronald Reagan to his relationship with his wife. She will be joining him on his next few campaign stops.

He told the crowd they were special and needed to remember that nobody else is like them, saying that when people work together, they make up a beautiful mosaic.

He added that schools need to be rebuilt, the drug problem needs to be controlled, communities need to be connected and said "welfare is not a way of life, it's a way of getting out of the ditch."

He concluded his speech by thanking the crowd and saying "we will move America forward."

The Governor sat down with FOX 8's Gabe Spiegel for a one-on-one interview after the Republican debate in Detroit. Gabe was the only local reporter to speak with the presidential candidate Friday morning. Click here to listen to the interview 

 Kasich will also be in Broadview Heights on Tuesday night for a rally. That rally is being held at the Ohio CAT headquarters on Royalton Road in Broadview Heights. Doors open at 4:30 p.m. and the event starts at 5 p.m.

Click here to RSVP to the Tuesday event.

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Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20162:49 pm

Schwarzenegger says he loves Ohio, and first remembers Nancy Reagan, who passed away today

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20162:50 pm

Schwarzenegger asks for a moment of silence for Nancy

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20162:51 pm

Schwarzenegger said his love for Ohio began in 1970 when he won a body building competition here. 

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20162:54 pm

Schwarzenegger is talking about how Kasich balanced the budget, reduced taxes and created jobs 

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20162:55 pm

Schwarzenegger: There is so much work that needs to be done

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20162:56 pm

Schwarzenegger: America is a land of opportunity….and we need John Kasich to take charge and be at the White House

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20162:58 pm

Kasich also starts his speech talking about Nancy Reagan and that she is now ‘with her Ronnie’

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20163:03 pm

Kasich: There are plenty of people worried about waking up one day and their job won’t be there

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20163:04 pm

Kasich: There are parents who worry about their children having too much college debt, elderly people who worry about their social security checks

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20163:05 pm

Kasich: I know how to balance budgets, I know how to build a team of people who will get us on a strong fiscal track

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20163:06 pm

Kasich: I’ve cut taxes more than anyone

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20163:07 pm

Kasich: I want to shift a lot of power back to where we live

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20163:07 pm

Kasich: Welfare is not a way of life, it’s a way of getting out of the ditch

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20163:10 pm

Kasich: Do you all understand that you’re made special? 

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20163:11 pm

Kasich: When we work together we’re a beautiful mosaic 

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20163:13 pm

Kasich: We need to rebuild our schools, we need end poverty and need to connect our communities

Kaily Cunningham March 6, 20163:14 pm

Kasich: We will move America forward